Some little snippets about me:

I love movies and TV: Harry Potter is my jam, and I've seen every Gilmore Girls episode at least 10 times (no joke).

I used to sing at Church and was the lead in my high school musical one year. 

Since I couldn't dye my hair growing up, per my mom's request, I dyed my hair pink last year. Yup! 

That boy in the pictures over there? He's my boyfriend of 6+ years, Brady.

Music is one of my passions, and Brady has helped me explore new bands that are now my favorite.

I have a beautiful fur baby, Grace who is 11 years old. 

Lastly, I really do have a shopping addiction. Check out my looks on Instagram sometime.

My Story

I'm a Midwestern girl who fell in love with color, style, and design at a very young age. My favorite part of school was art class, and I would draw or paint a lot to express myself outside of school, too. Another one of my creative outlets was, and still is dance. Sports aren't my thing, so I teach dance classes every week at my "alma mater" studio. 

Fun fact: I went to Catholic school my whole life, which led to what many call an unhealthy obsession with clothes. As I got older, I indulged my style senses with shopping whenever I could, because I never had the privilege of wearing my own clothes every day. And since I wasn't allowed to wear makeup til my late teens, my cosmetics collection is just as ridiculous as my closet. 

Since I've had the freedom of college, I've really come into my own. I wasn't sure what career path I would take that would allow me to be creative and still make money. Thankfully, I've had the best female role models in my life who have helped me reach a path that I love. I job shadowed a cousin who worked as a freelance graphic designer and FELL. IN. LOVE. 

I have since spent the last few years filling my life with an education to make myself the best designer I could be. I've evolved and found my passion in designing for women and businesses.