The New Apartment: Design & Inspiration

A year has passed since I moved to Nashville, and now Brady and I are looking at new apartments.

We have officially decided on a new place and with a floor plan in my hands, I am getting SO excited.

Brady and I don’t always see eye to eye on design, but so far he’s trusted most of my ideas (after a little convincing, lol).

So with this new place, I am setting a small budget to spruce up some rooms, but we definitely already have a good selection of items that fit our style, so I’ll be using those as main inspiration. Let’s take it room by room (I’ll add additional room inspo as we get it together!). Also, enjoy this mood board I made last year that’s a little rough but was such a fun DIY project:



Our room has taken more of a bohemian turn in the last year, and I really want to run with that, but still keep that industrial/modern feel Brady & I like. Since our furniture is really more rustic, I have added a wall hanging this year that has some warm gray/browns, but then pulled in some rich color too. We’ve updated our bedding to fit our style too, which has a boho feel.

Overall, there’s not much that we need to change in the bedroom when we move, but my plan so far is to swap out some wall art and add some fresh plants. I created this mood board to go with it.

bedroom mood board.png


I recently saw a picture of this orange/red aztec rug (below) for a bathroom and am completely in love with it.

Since we will have TWO bathrooms (OMG we’re moving up!) Brady agreed to give me full reign in the guest bath. I am going to look for a rug to go with this style and go from there. I am also going to support a local Nashville business and get some pretty soap dishes/dispensers from The Good Fill, a package free shop in East Nash.

I’ll pull in some black and white modern southwest inspiration, too.

Bathroom mood board.png

Living Room

Living inspiration is here!!! So I am drawing the colors from our current wall art, which is a LOT of band posters from shows we’ve been to. There is a lot of red, with hints of yellow, but still a good chunk of every color of the rainbow, too. I am bringing back a yellow lamp, and plan on getting yellow, red, and/or orange pillows, with a few southwest pillows as well. We also have a lot of the industrial feel in mind, too. So, the living room is going to be VERY eclectic which I think reflects our personalities pretty well, but it’s all grounded in a lot of neutrals. Like in the bedroom/bathroom, I plan on adding some more plants as well! Below is the official mood board.

living room mood board.png

That’s all I’ve got for now, but will add kitchen, dining, and other inspo as it comes along. And a post for when we actually move in! YAY!