My Morning Beauty Routine

My Morning Beauty Routine Reghan Edwards Design

I don’t know about you, but I struggle in the morning. No. Joke.

I really like to spend my morning taking things slow. I like to think to myself and not really talk to anyone.

Needless to say it takes me awhile to wake up and feel like talking, and if you asked my family they’d say “She’s such a bear in the morning!” (may or may not be true).

Either way, I’ve got a set beauty routine that helps me feel fresh and ready to take on the day every morning.


First thing I do is shower, and depending on the day I’ll wash my hair (I’ll let you in on a secret: I only wash it about twice a week).


My Morning Beauty Routine Reghan Edwards Design


I’ll wash my face everyday with Cetaphil Oil Free Foaming Cleanser. I use to use Clinique acne foaming wash, but I felt like the whole three step process was drying my skin out (and my wallet). The Cetaphil is a similar, cheaper version of the Clinique products, plus it’s super gentle.

For my hair (when I actually wash it), I use Not Your Mother’s Love For Hue shampoo and conditioner. These hair products are paraben, dye, and sulfate free. Plus, they never test their finished product on animals, total bonus!


Extra Cleansing

After I shower, I cleanse my face one more time with Simple Micellar Water. This gets dirt and impurities off my face that you think you get when you shower.


My Morning Beauty Routine Reghan Edwards Design

Sometimes there’s some nasty stuff left behind, and this micellar water is a super gentle way to get it all.



This step is super important because my face can get so dry and so oily at the same time, and I’ve struggled with finding the right combination for the longest time. I finally found, and fell in love with, Clinique’s Moisture Surge products. The cream is the perfect lightweight formula that works all day long, but doesn’t get my skin oily.

They just released a new formula that lasts for 72 hours, which is even better. If I have a blemish or extra dry spot, I use the Moisture Surge Supercharged Concentrate gel I got in a sample pack from Ulta.



If I washed my hair, I use Not Your Mother’s Way to Grow leave in conditioner and Sun Bum’s leave in conditioner.

The Not Your Mother’s helps detangle and keep my hair smooth. The Sun Bum conditioner is amazing! First of all, it smells like the beach (no joke!). Secondly, it protects your hair from UV rays, which ultimately protects your color while your out in the sun.


If you have hard to dye hair like me, you know how important this is. Before I found a UV protectant, I would either lose a lot of my hair color after days in the sun, or have to wear a hat everywhere. So this is the perfect combo of conditioners for my hair.


After all of these steps, I follow with styling my hair and my makeup. There’s a lot more steps to that, so stay tuned for some makeup blog posts with more details.


What's all in your morning routine? Share below: