Our DIY Christmas on a Budget

if you’ve been following along on my insta stories, you’ve seen Brady & I’s apartment become a winter wonderland with musical and modern influences. 

We had such a blast designing our little space and we actually did a great job of doing it all on a budget. We used a lot of what we had within the apartment and then made minor tweaks here and there to make it perfect. The total price of our little Christmas project may surprise you, so keep scrolling to find out.

As far as shopping for the holidays went, I did a mixture of big chains and shopping local small businesses.

I started by participating in Small Business Saturday in my hometown. Then when I got back to Nashville I hit up Michael’s and TJ Maxx to finish up the decor.

I’m gonna break all this down for you so you can see exactly what I spent and what I used from what I already owned. 

Signs + Banners

First, I hit up the local antique store and found this cute Joy sign for $10.


Bonus: this sign flips around and says welcome on the other side in black letters. So it can be used year round! 


Second place we went too was a craft shop, Primitive Thrills, in Sterling. They have some antiques but mostly refurbished pieces and unique signs and decor. Needless to say my sisters, mom, and I were having a blast in this store. I picked up this Merry gingham sign for $15. And the Merry Christmas sign also came from the same store, I believe it was $25. Total steals. And I can use them for a while. 


After putting up my new signs, I brought out this banner my mom had given me in college as decoration. I made little tassels to go on either side to jazz it up a bit. The tassels are made with embroidery floss, which are real cheap to buys This hangs above my desk so it’s a nice way to add some glitz to my day! 


So for this section, if I don’t include what was gifted, here’s the total I spent: 

Signs: $51.12


Table Decor

So I have a lot of fun decorating and I take pride in how our coffee table and side tables turned out.  This table has items I already owned on it, just with some Christmas spirit. I used this white vase and greenery as my base, then I added this Merry & Bright Christmas sign my mom also gave me in college (both items from college most likely came from Target dollar bins in case you’re wondering for your own budget). 

I then added yet another gifted candle that’s the perfect Christmas scent and color (probably around $12 now) 


For our main coffee table, I simply changed our normal candle for one with the perfect green Christmas color. It’s the stress relief one, that I know we all have lol, and I just cheat the label to the back so it looks neutral  on the table. I then added this gingham ribbon to our treat jar that was a moving gift. I’ll be reusing the ribbon during my wrapping this season too, so it’s not just used on one item and forgotten about.


Total spent for this section minus gifts or previously owned items is as follows. 

Table Decor: $5.99



for our front door, I wanted to do something really minimal (and cheap) because our door is already red and doesn’t need much to stand out.  

All I did for this was got an embroidery hoop and then shopped Michael’s for the cheapest wreath supplies that also fit my design aesthetic. I prefer silver to gold, so I mixed that in with the pine and pine cones. Attach all with embroidery thread and I was done. 


The whole wreath cost me just $6.59 and took less than an hour to make I’d say. Total score. 



Last but certainly not least: OUR TREE! Guys, this tree makes me so dang happy every morning when I plug it in. Our tree is made up of Brady’s drum set, which is perfect for our home because we are a very music oriented couple (ha!). 

This is the perfect statement for our apartment this holiday season. 


So to decorate, I snagged a few sets of plain lights from my parents place, but they aren’t expensive regardless. Then I went to Michael's and bought the silver ball garland. I originally had a big red Pom garland as well, but it was not long enough. So I used this smaller Pom ribbon as a garland, I grabbed this at TJ Maxx for $6.99 a roll, and I will be using to wrap my presents this year too.

Finally, we topped our “tree” with a little silver tree from TJ Maxx as well. I figured this would be a great decoration for on top of this tree for now, and could be used elsewhere in the future too.  

I know not everyone has a drum set laying around to use as a tree, but the whole piont is to get creative! If you don’t want a pine tree, there’s probably a great alternative inside your home already.  

One year my roommates and I made a tree out of lights on the wall, and it was cheap and easy. Get creative my friends!

In total I spent $40.98 on the tree. 



I had so much fun decorating our place and Brady helped a ton. We both get so excited when we hang out near our tree and it really brings out the Christmas Spirit here.  


As a a grand total I spent $104.68

Wow! So if you use what you have (and utilize Michael’s sale + the Target dollar bins) turns out you can make a pretty festive apartment work. What DIYs and cheap tricks did you use this year? Pop em in the comments!