October Expression Challenge: Week 1

Hey! Thanks for showing up to my October Expression Challenge.

Last year, I did makeup challenge and it’s really a lot for my skin to handle. So this year I decided that I would do a more loosely based “expression” challenge: meaning hair, makeup, clothes, art, sketches, etc.

S & DHoopla (3).png

So here’s to a month of thoughtfully expressing myself. Week one is in this post. Stay Tuned for week two!

Week 1

Day 1


This look I really wanted to go simple everywhere BUT the lip. I was inspired by my color pop earrings for this orange-ish lip and I was really happy with the color scheme.

Here’s my outfit for that day in details and linked below are the items.


Jeans: American Eagle Jeggings Tank: Old Navy Luxe Tank Necklace: Stella & Dot (No longer for sale but a great substitute) Earrings: Color Pop Earrings Interchangeable Set and Hoops (I put my bright color pop leather pieces on the hoops for the gold disc combo) Bracelets: Rhett Pulley, Tabitha Stretch, and Melody Bracelet Lip Liner: NYX Suede Matte Lipstick: Urban Decay Vice (Color I used is “slow burn” but it’s discontinued so I have linked a similar matte version)

Day 2

Day two is completely inspired by Paramore and Hayley Williams. If you didn’t know already, I’m a HUGE fan, lol. I went to see Paramore for the first time this year and bought this shirt that says “Fake Happy”, one of my favorite songs from the newest album After Laughter. Hayley will experiment with eyeliner like this quite a bit, so I thought I’d try my hand at it. The original outfit planned didn’t have the cardigan but I realized how well it matched and it felt so fun. Overall I had a really fun time with this look and I was quite literally dancing in it all morning while sitting in my chair working (:


Shirt: Paramore AL Tour (Slightly different version here) Shorts: American Eagle (Similar tagged and on SALE) Cardigan: Honey Punch (similar over the head version here. Got mine at Von Maur for less but I can’t find it!) Bracelets: Stella & Dot Melody Bracelet and Joyful Stretch Bracelet Necklace: Signature Engravable from Stella & Dot Earrings: Homemade from my mom and aunt in the 80’s so sorry about that one!

Day 3

Day 3 was really inspired by Mean Girls honestly! It was Wednesday AND October 3rd, so major Mean Girls energy happening today. I wore my favorite pink matte lipstick and experimented with some hair makeup as well.

This hair makeup is temporary color that you can put on your hair then wash out whenever you’re ready. It’s super fun and a great way to have color without commitment.

P.S. Brady did ask me what date it was. I said “it’s October 3rd.”

This is the original outfit I had planned, but I ended up not wearing the necklace. The pink was the wrong color, not “hot” enough!

Shirt: Daniel Rainn (Found at TJ Maxx but here is a similar shirt by same designer) Lipstick: NYX Matte Lipstick in Miami and layered a base with Urban Decay Lip Liner in Frenemy Hair Makeup: Poser Paste in Ex Girl (can also be found on Sephora as of this week too! Hello free shipping) Jewelry: Necklace not available anymore. But if that’s your style try these earrings! Stella & Dot x Rebecca Minkoff

Day 4

Coming soon! I was doodling and drawing and haven’t taken photos yet.

Day 5


So here I was inspired by this great shirt. And this shirt has an awesome secret… it’s a pajama top.

I have been seeing some pajama inspired fashion lately, and I recently got this set from TJ Maxx with matching pants. It’s super comfy and I liked it dressed up a bit, so that was super fun.

I used the navy lace as my inspiration for my makeup, creating a classic cat eye with a navy eyeliner and shadow combination. Had fun with this look overall.

Shirt: TJ Maxx Japna Lounge brand Sweater: Pink Rose brand (cannot find!) Earrings: Color Pop Earrings Interchangeable Set and Hoops Necklace: gifted from long ago. Similar here. Lipstick: Dose of Colors liquid matte lip in Bare with Me Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette and Lancome Palette (no longer available) Highlighter: Urban Decay Palette Blush: Benefit Cosmetics Dandelion Blush Foundation: Tarte Amazonian Clay

Day 6

This day, Brady and I went to the Nashville Fairgrounds to watch some races. To raise awareness for breast cancer, they asked everyone to wear pink. So I matched my makeup to my dress for this. Super fun look that I will definitely wear again!

Day 7

This day was really fun and I actually did my makeup, but opposite of what I normally do. So Brady’s band had a music video shoot, and I was super lucky and had a very small part in it, where I was supposed to look tired and not very done up. I only snagged this silly pic but I had a blast doing it.

Reghan Edwards