October Expression Challenge Week 2

S & DHoopla (4).png

Day 8

This was a real chill day so I decided to paint my nails. My family had sent me a very sweet care package with this color that is perfect for fall (even matched our new fall pillow!)

Day 9

It was a no makeup kinda day. I always pair these perfectly simplistic hoops and my beloved engraved necklace when it’s a simple makeup day.

Day 10

I received my new Stella & Dot winter line on Day 10, so I played dress up. Had a super fun time layering these stone necklaces with lots of sparkle.

Day 11

My favorite makeup look for Halloween is a bright purple with lots of shine. It’s super complementary to my eye color too!

Day 12

Put my new cardigan to work! It matches my nail color and is the perfect fall accessory! Made with love too(:

Day 13

I went out a little too late the night before (oops!) so I kept it real simple this day. Let my hair air dray and brought the beanies out officially. Very little makeup + a pop of color are a no brainer.

Day 14

I traveled home on this Saturday, so I’m attaching my Spotify playlists that I listened to.

Reghan’s Road Trip

Day 15

I forgot to take a selfie! It was a day full of family and baby snuggles with my very special niece so I wasn’t worried about social at that point. However I had taken a pic of the outfit I wore when I was packing.

Reghan Edwards