Living Coral Project Part 1: Business

With every new year comes new inspiration. Thanks to Pantone, I get a dose of design inspiration from their Color of the Year.

2019’s hue, Living Coral, came with so many possibilities. I decided to look into their beautiful, pre-selected color palettes to get some serious ideas flowing. Of the palettes, the one I chose to do an experimental brand development on was actually very similar to a brand project I worked on in college. This was super fun to revisit and reinvent into something else.

I decided the following palette was very earthy, so I decided to go for a clean beauty brand that’s simple, yet modern.

Color palette.png

I just had a lot of fun with this and wanted to share. Over the course of creating it though, I’m like really digging it and want this to be real. So hit me up if you’re looking to start a clean beauty brand, I’d love to share thoughts.

Check out the “official” fake brand of Elder. Clean Care.

And of course this clean care brand wouldn’t be complete without mock ups of the actual products. I had a lot of fun with that part. I didn’t get super technical with the actual stuff that is put on real products like ingredients, but I got the basics. What do you think? Would you purchase this clean care line? Drop a comment below and share your thoughts!

Reghan EdwardsComment