Hoopla Outfit Outlook

Hey ya'll, I've been kinda checked out for a while. Ooops! 

I always say I want to continue blogging but dang it's a lot of work. So perfection or not, I'm just gonna do it. 

If you follow my Instagram at all, you know that I have been loving my time as a Stella & Dot Stylist so far this year. And as a Stylist, I have such a great opportunity this fall. 

This August I am going to S & D Hoopla, a conference for all Stylists to get together, meet new people, learn how to be a better Stylist, and have so much fun. 


And as an added bonus, Hoopla is in Nashville! Woot woot!

SO since I'm so excited already to hit up Hoopla, I put together my outfit outlook for the weekend I am there. Let's check it out: 




Friday kicks off the whole event with a fashion show and kind of a girl's night out. So for this, I am rocking my favorite romper, some comfy yet style heels, and of course Stella accessories.


These earrings are one of my favorite from the summer collection. They are super lightweight, and made with these really unique beads. 

Shopping List: Romper (Only available in Navy/teal now), Lush Brand from Von Maur. Shoes (similar style linked), Franco Sarto from TJ Maxx. Earrings, Clutch, Spike Bracelet, Silver Bracelet, Stella & Dot. 




This day will be full of conferences and sessions, so I'm keeping it real casual, but super cute. This rainbow sweater is my favorite outfit maker, and now I have the perfect accent: these Color Pop earrings. They are super versatile and go with just about half my wardrobe, I swear. 


To go with this I have my Stan Smith Adidas shoes, and a comfy tank in case I get warm. 

Shopping List: Rainbow Sweater, Honey Punch from Von Maur, Stan Smith Shoes, Adidas from Von Maur. Tank Top, Enough About Me (Honestly don't know where I got this, so here's a complementary shirt instead). Color Pop Earrings, Stella & Dot. 




Sunday is the last day of conferences, so I'm going comfy and casual, but with an edge. There's all sorts of show stoppers in this look, from the poncho, to the sassy earrings, and finally the camo clutch. 


I feel like a badass in this outfit and I'm really looking forward to showing it off. 

Shopping List: Addy Versatile Poncho, Stella & Dot. High Waisted Shorts, American Eagle. Camo Clutch, Stella & Dot. Essential Hoops, Renegade Stretch Bracelet, Nicholette Stretch Bracelet, Dolly Stretch Bracelet, Stella & Dot. 



Sunday Night

After the closing sessions for Hoopla, there's gonna be a DANCE PARTY! We're super lucky and have a bar downtown all to ourselves, just a ton of Stella Stylists hanging out. So I'll be changing into something more fun & flirty for that event. 


Cue the perfect little black dress and these stunning drop earrings. Both go perfectly with a bold red lip, and I'm ready to take on the night. 

Shopping List: Black Dress, Montreau from (IDK?). Shoes, Franco Sarto from TJ Maxx. Red Drop Earrings (similar linked here), Stella & Dot. Nicolette Stretch Bracelet, Red Stretch Bracelet, Dolly Stretch Bracelet, Stella & Dot. 


S & DHoopla.png


So that's my outfit outlook for S & D Hoopla this August. If you have any questions about where I shop, email me here

Reghan Edwards