My Skincare Routine

For the past year or so, I’ve really started to notice a pattern to my struggle with acne. I hadn’t had a real set skincare routine, even though I had heard so many times how important one is. But I was just kind of riding on this “young, invincible” skin train, ya know? I mean my skin was never perfect, but it hadn’t given me too many fits.

Until this past year really. I noticed a pattern to when my breakouts would pop up. For some people this might be too much information but I just want to be open and honest about my struggle so far and how I’m tackling it.

The pattern I noticed was synced up with my cycle. Hormonal acne had become my biggest nemesis. I would get acne for a week or two, then I’d deal with the scarring and healing for a week or two, then the process would start all over again. It was really dreadful and made my skin feel like my worst nightmare.

So I finally said enough of this and tried some new products to hopefully kick this acne’s butt. The following are the skincare products I use and which order I use them in.

Quick disclaimer that this works best for my skin, and you should definitely try products for your type. Everyone’s skin is different. I recommend trying sample sizes or starting with low end products first, instead of dropping $100s of dollars in skincare stuff that might not work for you.


For the mornings, the first thing I do is wash my face with Cetaphil Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser in the shower. It’s really great for sensitive skin because it’s not harsh. It doesn’t feel drying or tight on my skin either.

At night, to cleanse with something different that I tried for the first time this year. You might think I’m crazy but it’s honestly amazing: Oil Cleansing. Yes putting oil on your face to clean it. It sounds counter intuitive but it’s beyond awesome. I use Derma E Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil (currently on sale at Ulta) by applying about 3 drops all over my face. I usually massage my face a little and kinda work on the spots with the most makeup. Then I wipe off with a wet washcloth. It’s actually really soothing and easy. I promise, once you try oil cleansing you’ll never use a makeup wipe again.

After washing, am & pm, I use micellar water to get whatever else may be on my face off. Just an extra cleansing step to make sure my face is super clean. I use this Simple Micellar Water because it’s great for sensitive skin, too.


After cleansing, I have a few more steps before I moisturize, and I honestly don’t know what to call it so I’ll say Prep here. Ha!

I mist my face with Mario Badescu Facial Spray after cleansing to give it a little moisture. This kind has lavender, chamomile, and aloe, which help with the redness on my skin.

If I have an acne outbreak, I spot treat with Tea Tree Oil from the Body Shop. It’s a mixture of essential oils and other great ingredients that dry up acne in a non-harsh way. It’s kind of strong so don’t use near your eyes. However, it’s working better than most salicylic acids or other products that I’ve used in the past

The next step I was super excited about. I’ve been wanting to add a serum to my routine for a while but every one I saw was crazy expensive and I really didn’t know much. So I researched and found Derma E Vitamin C Concentrated Serum. It smells like sunshine and is super smooth. Plus it’s on sale for only $15.99 right now.

After my serum I use an eye cream. Again, eye creams can be super expensive, but if you do your research you can find ones that work for your budget. I like to stick with brands I’m familiar with usually so I am trying out Cetaphil’s Hydrating Eye Cream. I like it so far, and it’s getting me in the habit of massaging the circles under my eyes, which is a really great practice.



After all of that work, I moisturize. Now this can look a little different day to day so I’ll break it down. In the mornings I put on Clinique’s Moisture Surge, however I am trying to wean my skin off of this as the brand is not cruelty free. I only use this if I am wearing heavy makeup that day. When I’m going bare, I use this moisturizer that has a tint to it and helps relieve redness.

At night, I use Cetaphil’s Night Cream that also relieves redness. I use Clinique’s Moisture Surge Super Charged Concentrate on super dry areas like healing breakouts and such.


After all this, I am DONE. That’s it. Okay I know it may seem like a lot but really it doesn’t take long, and I never regret doing it every day/night. I have only been doing this a month of two but I’m already noticing a change. My skin is less red and blotchy, my acne hadn’t flared up. It was awesome!

I think this is partly because I was routinely washing my face every night when I used to use makeup wipes every night (YIKES). The other part is because I really started noticing what I put on my face and how that makes a difference.

I still get acne, but I know how to treat it now, how to really take care of my skin.

I hope this helps you on your skin journey, even if it only encourages you to try new things! It doesn’t have to be as pricey as you think!

Here’s the best before and after I can show! I am wearing the tinted moisturizer and under the eye concealer in my after, and probably not in the before, but look at that chin acne! It’s gone! :)

Reghan Edwards